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DFR Programme (30 ECTS) – Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) Individual VUs
(5 ECTS)


VU Art, Design & Cross-Disciplinary Sciences

Course Description (pdf)

Extended brief (pdf)

Design as a method of trans-disciplinary cultural production between art, science, handicraft and digital technology; potentials and positions in arts-based research and research by design.


12.10. – 30.10.2020 Online Course 5


VU Art, Design & Environmental Challenges

Course Description (pdf)

Extended Brief (pdf) | eLS Synthetic Crystallisations (Images – pdf)

Spatial strategies on a territorial and microscopic scale of the landscape, systemic processes and their design potential.


30.11. – 18.12.2020 Online Course 5


VU Art, Design & Changing Societies

Course Description (pdf)

The interrelations between design, art, aesthetics, culture and society and the active artistic self-positioning within this dynamic system, artistic innovation and responsibility.


08.03. – 26.03.2021 Werkstätte Wattens 5


VU Art, Design & Emerging Technologies

Course Description (pdf)

Embedding new design and manufacturing technologies in the creative process, digital technologies as an extension of individual artistic possibilities.


26.04. – 14.05.2021 University of Innsbruck 5


Open Design Studio | Base

Course Description (pdf)

Development of individual concepts for spatial installations, urban interventions or other artistic forms.


08.02. – 26.02.2021 Werkstätte Wattens 5


Open Design Studio | Project

Course Description (pdf)

Implementation of individual concepts for spatial installations, urban interventions or other artistic forms. Individual project work with two on-site feedback sessions.


08.03. – 27.06.2021 individual project work 5


Virtual Gallery of Work



21.06. – 27.06.2021


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